Custom Powerups Readme

This patch lets the user insert custom powerups and edit existing powerups. Also it provides several resources to make powerups (and other stuff) even easier.

Feel free to translate this file to other languages. Report it to me so I can make an online version of the readme in said language.

BIG NOTE: I strongly advice to NOT use this patch in its current state for your personal projects. I won't listen to any yell or complaint you have towards me for not fixing certain bug that you're having in your current project and only happens there. If this message keeps appearing in newer versions, it means that this still applies. You have been warned.

General Topics

  1. Patching & Basic tweaking
  2. Player GFX and Palette editing
  3. Included powerups: General information and tweaking
  4. F.A.Q.


  1. Custom Powerup Items programming
  2. Custom projectiles programming
  3. Custom Player Palette advanced usage
  4. Player ExGFX
  5. Custom Player tilemaps & poses
  6. Custom interaction with Layers & Sprites

Special thanks

Changelog can be found here
Patch version 3.1.0
Readme version 1.1.0 (also css stolen from AddMusicK. I'm unable to do my own fancy readme)